Symbolic Wedding at Hotel Santa Caterina by Francese Photography

According and personal taste, this Symbolic Wedding in Amalfi Coast made at Santa Caterina in Amalfi (Sant Catherine) Catherine is one of the most beautiful of our career.

I would define it definitely as Luxury Classic Wedding Amalfithan Style, (my favorite style) , where you can still find the food that is part of our Campania tradition.

I remember that there were mozzarella and prosciutto crudo, the parmesan, the “parmigiana”, the “zucchini alla scapece” and the octopus salad. I love our cuisine because it is part of my history and culture.

All 120 guests accommodated at Santa Caterina Hotel, the ceremony was celebrated in the garden, the aperitif on the terrace in front of the reception room.

It was coordinator from a Local Wedding Officiant-Celebrant Amalfi Coast Wedding Planner.

The decorations were just plain beautiful, simple white flowers made from a local Wedding Florist  in Atrani , the celebrant a friend of the groom, the bridesmaids the friends of the bride. Simple seafood dinner and Everything was just wonderful.

The Bride get ready at “la stanza di Romeo and Giuliet” the most sweetest room I never ever seen, where you have go across the lemon garden for get at the room that has an amazing breathless infinity pool. During the getting ready the bride and the bridesmaids drunk Bellini in the most romantic special atmosphere.

I love this wedding


Francese Photography