Destination Symbolic Wedding Hotel Buca di Bacco Positano by Francese Photography


There are weddings that remain particularly etched in a photographer’s story and this is one of them. We think this happens when there is a natural affinity with the couple or the type of marriage.

In fact, we french photographers are particularly attached to this wedding. This australian couple chose positano as the destination of their wedding and buca di bacco as the location of their wedding.

buca di bacco is one of the most popular places not for weddings but because but for the location of this characteristic hotel, bar, restaurant and aperitif terrace. In fact, this lovely couple chose buca di bacco for their particular dolce vita style, with an adorable wedding coordinator celebrant located in positano.

The wedding planning for this fantastic wedding was really great to organize a perfect amalfi coast style scenario with mandolin and guitar. The spouses had an intimate and beautiful and exciting wedding on the terrace with ocean view immediately after a short and nice wedding shooting in the center of positano between the streets and the port of positano and then completed with the cake cutting (of the best cake, ever tasted throughout my career) of almond.


Francese Photography