Ceremonies Photography on Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is among the top 10 favorite destinations for foreigners who choose to get married in Italy.
This choice is linked to our culture, love for art, good food and our traditions.
The Amalfi Coast, which contains countries that are the pearl of Italy such as Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Praiano, Sorrento, Capri but also Procida (candidate as capital of culture) Ischia and the entire Gulf of Naples, are the perfect setting for a Wedding Dolce Vita Amalfitano style.
Decorations on a Vietrese theme, with lemons from the coast as a centerpiece represent for most foreigners the motivation to choose Italy as a destination.
Over the years, the Amalfi Coast with its inhabitants have been able and intuited their hospitality to people from all over the world of any ethnicity, sexual and religious orientation.
In fact, Francese Photography as an Italian Destination Wedding Photographer located on the Amalfi Coast is a leader and promoter of Love.
In their careers the Francese sisters have celebrated

Chinese Tea Rite Marriages

Japanese Weddings Catholic Blessings

Indian Weddings

Jewish Weddings

American Style Symbolic Weddings

Protestant Weddings

Catholic Weddings

Orthodox Weddings

Great supporters of diversity;

Francese Photography strongly thinking that:

“Love has no borders, it has no color and no religion”.