This Australian couple flew to Ischia to celebrate the most characteristic Weddings never done on the most wonderful island ever.

As I have written in several posts, most of our weddings are Italians who have all lived abroad for generations who, despite the distance, love Italy so much that they imagine it as the only place where to celebrate weddings to remember belonging to the past to their land.

Both Bride and Groom are prepared in two hotels by the sea.
Then with two wonderful vintage cars they reached one of the most beautiful Italian churches, La Chiesa del Soccorso is located in Forio.

Reception then at the Umberto a Mare restaurant, just beside the church.
A stunning fish-based lunch.

The shooting during the guests’ aperitif was done in the characteristic places around Ischia.
A dreamy wedding according to Francese Photography
Hope to see you again one day guys!

The wedding was arranged a Milan’s Wedding Planner.
Make-up artists and florists in Ischia and the photographs by us


Francese Photography